September Updates

So much exciting news. Jingle is riding off into the sunset after a successful Festival run. Im excited to announce that I have partnered with Gonella Productions for international distribution. It is concurrently being exhibited by The Bureau of Creative Works, a DOPE website that collects short content and has a subscriber base hungry for up and coming directors with some quality films that need to be seen. You can click my artist page and see the film at It is also being advertised on the front page. Lastly, Jingle will be part of the launch content for THE Tribe TV Network. Look for that on press kits and then the network’s Youtube channel on October 7th! Hell of a way to finish one of my favorite projects that I have ever been a part of.

Gonella Productions Logo.jpg
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Next, I was featured in the headline for Moviemaker Magazine for my interview (see link in my June 18th post) with NFMLA. Big shoutout to that Festival again, really amazing to be a part of and be able to dive into the thoughts and processes behind what made Jingle. If you are a moviemaker and you read magazines, then this was for you.

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And last is the news that Bad Beat, the comedy pilot written by myself and Bill Mergner, advanced to the 2nd Round of the Austin Film Festival (a writer’s dream festival) and the Quarterfinals of the WeScreenplay script competition. Excited to see how much farther we can go but we are now nearing the end of the script’s competition run and hoping to leverage these accolades as well as all the previous ones into bringing the world of Bad Beat to life. Look for our first feature film to be completed sometime soon as well. Alright, that is all for now but before I go, you know that Im hitting you with a laurel:

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