The Next Steps

NFMLA Jingle Poster.png

The dust is finally starting to settle on the past several weeks and what a time it was! First off, we wrapped the first shooting block of As The Crow Flies, an anthological feature tied together by a theme of nostalgia and lachesism. We shot Old House, by Olivia Snyder-Spak, Spark, by Anna Dobbin, and The Woods, by India Choquette. All of this in only 3 days. Its been a few weeks but I am still riding high over what an accomplishment this was for everyone involved. The days were tough but people had such positive attitudes and I am eternally grateful. So excited for the final products!

Next up, Jingle is nearing the end of its festival run. We played to a packed house at the Manhattan Film Festival on May 2nd that I flew to NYC for. It was worth it. Tomorrow Jingle will show at the NY Independent Film Festival, then New Filmmakers LA May 25th, and finally the New York Shorts International Film Festival on a date to later be announced. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to showcase the work of my talented actors and crew (most times alongside Frantzdy in the audience!) and am so proud of what the film has been able to accomplish. Thank you to everyone who has supported Jingle.

Lastly, I mentioned that I flew to NYC for the Manhattan Film Festival because Chiara and I have moved to Los Angeles! There is so much to speak on when it comes to this but for now, I will just say that we are so ready for this new chapter in our lives. If you are in town, hit us up!