New Position - Tribe TV

I have started a new role as the Development Account Manager for Series and Film for the startup network Tribe TV. I am humbled and proud of all Ive seen everyone on the team already accomplish and am going to do my best to match their efforts. I am looking for exciting new content and creators so if you have a project that just wrapped or an idea you are developing, let me know!


New Interview for New Filmmakers LA

As part of the New Filmmakers LA program, I was interviewed to discuss my short film “Jingle” as well as my recent move to LA. So excited to be a part of this and thank you to NFMLA, Danny De Lillo, Andrew Acedo, the crew from the interview, and everyone that made “Jingle” a reality. If you have 15 minutes to spare and want to watch someone that clearly prefers being behind the camera, check it out!

The Next Steps

NFMLA Jingle Poster.png

The dust is finally starting to settle on the past several weeks and what a time it was! First off, we wrapped the first shooting block of As The Crow Flies, an anthological feature tied together by a theme of nostalgia and lachesism. We shot Old House, by Olivia Snyder-Spak, Spark, by Anna Dobbin, and The Woods, by India Choquette. All of this in only 3 days. Its been a few weeks but I am still riding high over what an accomplishment this was for everyone involved. The days were tough but people had such positive attitudes and I am eternally grateful. So excited for the final products!

Next up, Jingle is nearing the end of its festival run. We played to a packed house at the Manhattan Film Festival on May 2nd that I flew to NYC for. It was worth it. Tomorrow Jingle will show at the NY Independent Film Festival, then New Filmmakers LA May 25th, and finally the New York Shorts International Film Festival on a date to later be announced. I have really enjoyed the opportunity to showcase the work of my talented actors and crew (most times alongside Frantzdy in the audience!) and am so proud of what the film has been able to accomplish. Thank you to everyone who has supported Jingle.

Lastly, I mentioned that I flew to NYC for the Manhattan Film Festival because Chiara and I have moved to Los Angeles! There is so much to speak on when it comes to this but for now, I will just say that we are so ready for this new chapter in our lives. If you are in town, hit us up!


Jingle: NYC Showings


Jingle is finally showing in its production city of New York and I cannot be more excited! Below are links to tickets if you would like to check it out. Jingle will be shown at the Manhattan Film Festival and the New York Indie Film Festival. We are also in the finals for a few more so stay tuned! I will be at the Manhattan Film Festival but unable to attend the NYIFF showings. Hit me up if you want to meet for the showing or after!

Much Love


World Premiere of "Jingle"

Hey everyone, the short film I wrote and directed, "Jingle", will be having its World Premiere as part of the “Lifescapes: Challenging Connections” Short Film Program at the DC Independent Film Festival Sunday, March 10th. Tickets can be purchased here:

Shout out to all the cast, crew, and friends that made this possible.

So excited and hope to see some familiar faces there.


Film Festival Tour Begins!

Hey everyone,

So excited to announce that Jingle, starring Frantzdy Alexandre and Aaron Kitchin and shot by James Daly, just was accepted into the DC International Film Festival and the Pasadena International Film Festival! I am thrilled that this film will be seen by live audiences in some incredible festivals. Cannot wait to see how this film does and what people think.

Secret Theatre Play Festival

I just finished directing a run of the one act play Last of the Red Hot Cyber Lovers as part of The Secret Theatre’s Act One: One Act Play Festival. Fantastic performances and some really good work all around. I definitely used some different muscles than I am used to but the experience was truly special and I got to work with some incredible people. Special thanks to Laura DeBar for asking me to direct her work, Pamela Carey, Gary Dooley, and Lexee McEntee as well as Jessica Fornear.

Act One- One Act Poster.png


And we live to fight another day! Bad Beat was just announced as a semi-finalist for the Screencraft TV Pilot Script Competition. Finalists and Winners will be announced in late January. Good stuff.

First Video Content for O Magazine, Directed by Yours Truly!

I am so excited to post about this. I had the privilege to direct the first branded video content ever produced by O Magazine. While the hook is about using the Rockefeller Plaza Christmas Tree to help build homes, this piece is about so much more. Lakisha and her family were incredible to work with and the ability to hear their stories firsthand and see all that they have accomplished will be with me for the rest of my life. I am excited to see what the future holds for them. Also, special thanks to Habitat for Humanity and their crew, John Cortizo the DP, and Sancheev Ravichandran the B Camera Operator. Click the link below to see our work.

Screen Shot 2018-12-20 at 12.50.56 PM.png

ScreenCraft Quarterfinalists!


Really excited to announce that “Bad Beat”, the half hour comedy series written by myself and Bill Mergner, made the Quarterfinals of the Screencraft Screenwriting Competition. We are awaiting word to see how much further it makes it but this is already really exciting as the contest is widely respected throughout the industry. Can’t wait to actually make it.

Nanit Plus How To Video and Stills Shoot Picture Locked

Special thanks to Jessica Nash for some incredible stills, Steve Mucci our DP, Nathan Ferrer as the jack of all trades, and of course Nanit for a successful shoot. Mohamed Elsafty cut it all together and did graphics. Ill post the link when it is available. Parker also made his multimedia debut (not counting social media) with some yoga poses. Now it is time to get ready for AFM with the pilot script Bad Beat (co-written with Bill Mergner) and then another Nanit shoot coming up that I am particularly excited about.

Jessica Nash PhotographyNanit baby monitor (177).jpg

Great Lakes International Film Festival

Ok the Great Lakes International Film Festival is live!

Excited to be a part of this and wish I couldve made the theater screening. India, Brett, Sophie, Emil, and our DPs were fantastic. We also had to do everything pre-production to final product in two weeks on two different coasts which was a crazy logistical challenge. Pretty happy with what we were able to accomplish given the situation.

OOBX is viewable at Hope you enjoy.

First Day Live!

Day one of my website being live! Check it out and let me know what you think. A quick tour:

This section will be an ongoing update clueing in anyone who wanders onto this site to any current developments.

Reel will show off pieces that I have directed and often produced. I will have a few more pieces added in a bit as once they complete post production. Stills will be an ever-changing collection of photos as I edit my way through. About is a quick write-up on the path so far, what I strive to be as a Director, and where I aim to go. Currency, this section, will be an ongoing update clueing in anyone who wanders onto this site as to any current developments. And Contact is the best way to reach out to me.

Ok, onto the first post. Exciting stuff. We just wrapped the new Nanit Plus How To Video and Commercial Stills shoot this past Monday. Jessica Nash shot some fun and diverse stills while Steve Mucci DP’d for me. Finished under budget and on time so wins all around. Im excited to see the final product and hear what Nanit thinks.

OOBX is up for “Best in Genre” at the Great Lakes International Film Festival. The short will be viewable online so I will post the link as soon as it is up!

And Jingle has a fantastic poster done courtesy of Mariah Toscano. I am currently submitting to several festivals and am hoping to make some real headway.

Thanks a lot for reading and looking forward to traveling this journey with you.